House Call Music Policies

1. Cancellation Policy

a. All cancellations for the month must be sent to the instructor before the 1st of each month!

b. You are still given one emergency cancellation each month (as long as it's 24 hours in advance)

c. Once invoices are made, they will will not be changed. Rather, your emergency cancellation will be credited to the next month.

d. Teachers are required to follow the same policy and need to have their cancellations and time changes to you and House Call Music LLC  before the 1st of the month.

e. This policy will ensure quality and consistent lessons each month

2. Payments

a. Invoices are sent at the beginning of each month

b. You have until the last day of each month to pay the invoice

c. We recommend Chase Quickpay as it's easy and very convenient, but also offer ClearXchange, PayPal (.03% credit card fee) and accept checks- make check payable to House Call Music (this is all stated in invoice)

d. Remember, invoices are not changed once they are created. Rather, you are credited for the one emergency cancellation each month on the next invoice.

e. Late payments result in a $25 fee which is added to the next month (Please notify Kevin Kozol  (815-258-5499 )asap if you think your payment will arrive late)

f. Remember, we do not charge tuition and these payment policies are simply to ensure that our quality instructors are getting paid on time!

3. Practice Materials:

a. Sheet Music (all students must have their music the day of lesson)

b. Notebook (keep a notebook by the instrument so the instructor can write down weekly assignments)

c. Metronome

d. Pencil

4. Practice Time:

a. Students are expected to practice and be prepared for weekly lessons

b. There will performance opportunities throughout the year and the student/teacher should set goals each week. It is important to set small goals each week for the following lesson

c. Keep a timer at the practice space and write down the amount of time spent rehearsing- this can be documented in the notebook

d. Keeping practice records is important for the student’s development

5. Lesson Behavior

a. Please be respectful when a lesson is taking place

b. There should be no outside distractions during the lesson time. (no cell phones, food, drinks, friends, siblings, animals etc…)

c. If a friend or sibling wants to listen to the lesson, then he or she needs to ask first and sit quietly and be respectful

d. The designated practice area should be a quiet environment where the student and the teacher can work on music!

e. Lessons are only 30-60 minutes and the teacher needs all of this time to prepare the student for the following week.

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